E-ISSN: 2587-0351 | ISSN: 1300-2694
Pamukkale University Journal of Engineering Sciences - Pamukkale Univ Muh Bilim Derg: 27 (4)
Volume: 27  Issue: 4 - 2021
Pamukkale Üniversitesi Mühendislik Bilimleri Dergisi
Pages I - V

2.Investigation machining-surface integrity-wear resistance relationships of 316LVM stainless steel material machined under various cutting parameters
Mustafa Uçurum, Emrah Güneşsu, Tolga Berkay Şirin, Yusuf Kaynak
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2020.93284  Pages 449 - 457

3.Experimental investigation of vortex ring shedding from oscillating disc
Fahrettin Gökhan Ergin
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2020.34711  Pages 458 - 464

4.The effect of ACand MFDC resistance spot welding technology on mechanical properties of new generation automotive steels
Mehtap Hıdıroğlu, Ünal Kahraman, Nizamettin Kahraman
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2021.46417  Pages 465 - 471

5.Part quality in injection moulding of shape memory polyurethane
Şükran Katmer, Çetin Karataş
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2021.25483  Pages 472 - 477

6.Investigation on the effect of fiber reinforcement style on shear properties of polypropylene composites
A. Onur Ozdemir, Regaip Menkuc, Cetin Karatas
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2021.15853  Pages 478 - 483

7.Investigation of the effect of carbon black and flame retardant agent on the fire properties of elastomer-based composite materials with high elongation capability
Hasan Kasım
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2021.47650  Pages 484 - 494

8.Line balancing optimization under robot location and worker-station assignment considerations: A case study of a dishwasher factory
İlayda Baş, Özgü Tosun, Vedat Bayram
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2021.48961  Pages 495 - 503

9.Relative sustainability analysis of global-scale airports
Muhammet Enis Bulak, Funda Hatice Sezgin, Fatma Serra Çiftçi
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2021.06332  Pages 504 - 512

10.Performance analysis of set partitioning formulations on the rule extraction from random forests
Mert Edali
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2020.05926  Pages 513 - 519

11.Data driven storage location assignment problem considering order picking frequencies: A heuristic approach
İpek Çobanoğlu, İrem Güre, Vedat Bayram
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2021.34979  Pages 520 - 531

12.Assembly line balancing type-1 problem with assignment restrictions: A constraint programming modeling approach
Mehmet Pınarbaşı, Hacı Mehmet Alakaş
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2020.75282  Pages 532 - 541

13.Evaluation of renewable energy sources in TR83 region by CRITIC based grey relational analysis approach
A. Cansu Gök Kısa
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2021.99389  Pages 542 - 548

14.Determination of ergonomic adequacy with principal component analysis (PCA) in furniture enterprices
Velittin Kalınkara, Kadir Özkaya, Taner Dizel
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2021.87450  Pages 549 - 555

15.Prediction of stock index movement direction with multiple logistic regression and k-nearest neighbors algorithm
Gulder Kemalbay, Begum Nur Alkis
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2020.57383  Pages 556 - 569

16.Chemotherapy appointment scheduling under uncertainty by considering workload balance among nurses
Serhat Gül
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2020.40121  Pages 570 - 578

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