Pamukkale Univ Muh Bilim Derg: 24 (6)
Volume: 24  Issue: 6 - 2018
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Pamukkale Üniversitesi Mühendislik Bilimleri Dergisi
Pages I - VIII

2.Settlements Hazard of Soil Due to Liquefaction Along Tabriz Metro line 2
Masoumeh Ghasemian, Rouzbeh Dabiri, Rahim Mahari
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.10336  Pages 942 - 951

3.Modelling soil water movement under unsaturated conditions with the Modified Cubic B-Spline Differential Quadrature method
Emin Çiftçi
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.99705  Pages 952 - 959

4.The Effect of Curvature on Transient Analysis of Laminated Composite Cylindrical Shells on Elastic Foundation
Ali Doğan
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.60476  Pages 960 - 966

5.Experimental investigation of sandy loam soil erosion on a 45-degree slope under the effect of groundwater flow
Onur Akay
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.29863  Pages 967 - 973

6.Investigation of Rainfall Intensity Series of Standart Duration with Trend Analysis Methods
Utku Zeybekoğlu, Halil Karahan
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.54265  Pages 974 - 1004

7.Evaluation of Sediment Transportation Processes in Designing Coastal Structures of Araklı
Devran Yazir, Bekir Şahin, Coşkun Eruz
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.19971  Pages 1005 - 1013

8.Investigation Of Hydropower Energy Potential And Policy Shift From Natural Gas To Hydropower Energy In Turkey
Mutlu Yaşar
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.71135  Pages 1014 - 1023

9.Investigatıon of optimum viscous damper distribution in steel frames with set back irregularities
Murat Hiçyılmaz, Mizan Doğan, Hasan Gönen
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.69094  Pages 1024 - 1029

10.Cost optimum design of spread footing under uniaxial combined bending according to TS500 via various metaheuristic algorithms
Hasan Tahsin Öztürk
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.65807  Pages 1030 - 1036

11.Mechanical properties of concrete to concrete interfaces under uniaxial and shear forces
Nihat Kabay, Ahmet Beşer Kızılkanat
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2018.72246  Pages 1037 - 1042

12.Optimum design of reinforced concrete cantilever retaining walls
Rasim Temür, Gebrail Bekdaş
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2018.57873  Pages 1043 - 1050

13.System Identification Work on 199+325 Steel Railroad Bridge and Development of its Calibrated Finite Element Model
Özgür Özçelik, Özgür Girgin, Carmen Amaddeo
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2018.67878  Pages 1051 - 1061

14.The Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Sandwich Panel Composites with Different Surface and Core Materials
Mustafa Aslan, Onur Güler, Ümit Alver
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2018.37605  Pages 1062 - 1068

15.A comparative analysis of elasticity modulus of recycled aggregate concrete with silica fume
Özgür Çakır, Hasan Dilbas
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2018.92489  Pages 1069 - 1078

16.Modelling the quality of bus services by using factor analysis on urban bus satisfaction survey data: Case of IETT
Ilgın Gökaşar, Büşra Buran, Selim Dündar
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.48278  Pages 1079 - 1086

17.Determining Optimum Configuration of One-Way and Two-Way Streets Using Shortest Path Travel Costs Based on Results of Traffic Assignment
Özgür Başkan, Cenk Ozan
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.21208  Pages 1087 - 1092

18.Investigation of major stream delays at unsignalized intersections
Süheyla Pelin Çalışkanelli, Serhan Tanyel
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.03342  Pages 1093 - 1099

19.Investigation of illegal road users' behavior at overpass locations and the effect of an escalator on the overpass usage ratio
Pelin Önelçin, Yalçın Alver
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2018.65188  Pages 1100 - 1106

20.Optimization of service frequencies in bus networks with Harmony Search Algorithm: An application on Mandl’s test network
Hüseyin Ceylan, Tayfun Özcan
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2018.43410  Pages 1107 - 1116

21.Effects of Operating Parameters on Direct Greenhouse Gas Emission in Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants
Hazal Gülhan, Recep Kaan Dereli, Hale Özgün, Mustafa Evren Erşahin, İzzet Öztürk
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.30806  Pages 1117 - 1124

22.Biological Reduction of Acid Red 14 by Elemental Sulfur and Methanol-Based Reactors
Deniz Uçar
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.66743  Pages 1125 - 1129

23.Fluoride Removal from Aqueous Solution by Electrocoagulation Using Aluminium Electrodes: Isotherm and Kinetic Studies
Senem Yazıcı Güvenç, Gamze Varank, Ahmet Demir
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2018.03206  Pages 1130 - 1134

24.Determination of heavy metal removal potential of the Samsun Coast mussel shells
Levent Gürel, Selahi Güneş
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.68984  Pages 1135 - 1140

25.Evaluation of algae related taste and odor problem in drinking water
Malhun Fakıoğlu, Mahmut Ekrem Karpuzcu, İzzet Öztürk
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2018.65290  Pages 1141 - 1156

26.Comparison of Dewatering Characteristics of Chemically Conditioned Sludge and Freeze/ Thawed Sludge
Gülbin Erden, Ayşe Filibeli
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.62443  Pages 1157 - 1160

27.Use of Treated Municipal Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation
Mesut Ak, İlayda Top
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.89577  Pages 1161 - 1168

28.The Examination for Pollution of the Soils due to Highways and Traffic
Hakan Çelebi, Gülden Gök
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2016.55632  Pages 1169 - 1178

29.NUMKey: An identification database program for B-forms of Nummulites species (foraminifera; Paleogene) for Windows and Android operaing systems
Ali Deveciler, Sinan Akıska
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2018.42103  Pages 1179 - 1187

30.Quaternary Aged Vertebrate (Mammals) Fossil Findings from Denizli Basin and their Significance
Hüseyin Erten
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.33269  Pages 1188 - 1191

31.Organic geochemical characteristics and depositional environment of Late Miocene aged Honaz (Denizli) coal series
Demet Banu Koralay
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2018.93708  Pages 1192 - 1199

32.Determination of Relative Tectonic Activity of the Honaz Fault (SW Turkey) Using Geomorphic Indices
Savaş Topal, Mehmet Özkul
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.18199  Pages 1200 - 1208

33.The Potential Usage of Nepheline Syenite in Ceramic Industry: Example of Buzlukdag
Kıymet Deniz, Yusuf Kağan Kadıoğlu
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.80947  Pages 1209 - 1219

34.Determination of engineering properties of granodiorites at Deriner dam site by using seismic refraction method (Artvin)
Hamit Çakıcı
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.99076  Pages 1220 - 1229

35.Determination of reinforced dry concrete strength by electrical resistivity method
Nevbahar Sabbağ, Osman Uyanık
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.76702  Pages 1230 - 1236

36.Characteristics of clays from Pamukkale (Denizli) region, and their usability in ceramic sector
Barış Semiz
doi: 10.5505/pajes.2017.77853  Pages 1237 - 1244

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